That Spectacular Time When You Receive The Most Fabulous Memories!

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Wedding Photo Booth Hire

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Photo Booth

Our fleet of photo booths are just fabulous for any occasion no matter how big or small, The Sleek Stylish booths fit perfectly within any scenery. We have great advantage with the size of the photo booth which allows 8 people to fit in each shot! If you are looking for more people to join in then why not ask us about our open air booths?

Guest Book

Every wedding receives a lovely Guest Book to collect Your photos, Your Click It Team member will be on hand through your wedding to help build them memories from the people closet to you, Not only putting copies of the photo’s in the book but also giving your guest’s the chance to leave a personal message.


Every event get’s a box exploding full of props, We never go half hearted with Giving all of you plenty¬†of props to get dressed up with, after all that is part of the fun.¬†
We hand pick certain props to match your event, with the massive variety we have there is most definitely plenty of props to go around!

Template & Design

We like to keep special moments close to your heart that is why every details is set around what matter to you. From the on screen message to your very own template design, This is always designed to your specification. Our team will go through every details with you and we will not stop until you are happy.


Experience like no other, Giving you the chance to change the background to anywhere or anything! From in space or with a superhero, With the green screen you can choose what backgrounds you have for your guest’s. With our multiple choice menu you can change it on every shot!
Also add an overlay to make the picture become 3D this makes the picture come to life and look as if your guest are right there in the scene.

Video Messaging

Not only get a album full of photo’s but also ask friends and family to leave a short video that you will receive on a USB stick, You can give them a choice to leave a video or request a video at the beginning or end of the photo session!

What Our Wedding Packages Also include + More!

  • A Click It booth attendant that will help you, your family and your friends throughout your occasion.

  • Unlimited prints, yes every guest receives a copy of the photo as well as one for your photo album.

  • Exploding box full of props, We always supply plenty of props to share around.

  • Picture filters, Change the appearance of how your photos are printed.

  • A gallery uploaded online for you all to see, Download, share and print all for free.

Contact us to find out what other Fantastic things you receive in your wedding package. If there is something else you are after then let us know!.